Yellow Brickie

Yellow Brickie Sand is a ‘fatty’ sand most commonly used for brick and block work. ‘Fatty’ sand refers to the high clay content in the sand, which repels water (like fat) allowing the sand to become stickier and more workable when mixed with cement. The standard ratio for Yellow Brickie Sand mortar is 6 parts sand to 1 part cement.

Yellow Brickie Sand mortar can be improved drastically by adding Synthetic Lime, Hydrated Lime or Biplas to the mixture, as these products improve the workability and stickiness of the mortar.
As well as being a popular bricklayers sand, Yellow Brickie Sand is also used for bag rendering (bagging) and can be used as a bedding for above ground swimming pools.

Yellow Brickie Sand is sold by the tonne & in 20kg bags.

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