Turf Underlay

Turf Underlay is a specifically designed soil product for all turf development and refurbishment as a free draining medium. Ideal for turf growth and root support, it is also an excellent use to fill in depleted turf areas for regrowth and perfect for stabilising uneven ground areas. This product contains essential nutrients which will help new turf areas to grow quickly, stay healthy and keep the grass greener.

Turf Underlay is made from a mixture of screened sand, soil, and composted organics. It is blended with natural fertiliser additive to help roots properly grow and stay long during all times of year, including the winter months.

When applying to new garden bed areas, first make sure to lay down the Turf Underlay at a minimum level of 100mm and a maximum height of 200mm deep. It is recommended to first remove any weeds or foreign objects before spreading. Once rolled out evenly over the desired area, make sure to water in well and within the first two weeks ensure the turf is also properly watered in.

Turf Underlay is sold by the tonne & in 20kg bags.


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